What Can DriveWhiz Do For You?

A DriveWhiz vehicle service plan for your vehicle is one less thing for you to worry about.
Our plans give peace-of-mind at the lowest cost.
1. Choose Any Mechanic

Drivewhiz works with US or Canadian ASE-Certified repair facilities across both countries. Choose your preferred mechanic without a headache.

2. Get A Rental Car

If your car breaks down and is being repaired, most of our vehicle service contracts will provide you a rental car for you to use.
You can also use RideShare such as Uber/Lyft.

3. Complimentary Towing

Towing can be expensive. Don’t worry about the expense of towing when you sign up with Drivewhiz.

4. Flexible Payment Plans

Our agents work within your budget to find the most suitable plan for everyone. Our plans are always tailored to the best needs of our customers.

5. Reliable Roadside Assistance - 24/7

Most Drivewhiz contracts include 24/7 roadside assistance. Help protect yourself and your family in the time of need.

6. Affordable Plans for All Budgets

Save yourself the stress of a $5,000+ repair bill. Drivewhiz works hard to give affordable low-cost coverage for all budgets and covers many services that are usually not covered during a major car repair.

Protection Plans

Stay Safe with Peace of Mind



Maximum Protection
300+ Parts

All of the parts and components of the covered vehicle, with the exception of those parts and components specifically listed in the contract as “not covered”.

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Comprehensive Coverage
200+ Parts

• Engine (Includes Fuel Delivery) Turbo/Diesel Engine
• Engine Cooling Transmission - Automatic & Standard
• Front & Rear Wheel Drive Air Conditioning
• On-Board Modules, Relays, Sensors, & Systems • Steering (Excludes Rear Wheel Steering)
• Suspension Brakes
• Electrical Hybrid & Plug-In Electric
• Entertainment & Navigation Chassis (Handles, Latches, & Hinges)
• Seals and Gaskets (covered components)

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Most Affordable
50+ Parts

• Engine (Includes Fuel Delivery) Turbo& Diesel
• Cooling System Transmission - Automatic & Standard
• Front & Rear Wheel Drive Air Conditioning
• Seals and Gaskets (covered components)

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High Mileage Protection

Have a vehicle with more than 80,000 miles? We can protect you too!
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